Monday, 2 July 2012


"When you become uncomfortable with yourself, you have reached the edge of your competency.
This is when you are growing."

Last October I became obsessed with a series of simple metal doors.  For the three days prior, I had been travelling the roads of everyday Morocco and these doors, metal and earth-toned with simple decoration, were the frontage of every small settlement we passed.  Along with the obligatory Dr. Frankenstein mechanic and road-side butcher, there was always a workshop making these doors.  

Throughout this trip I was repeatedly drawn to capture doors and archways and windows.  My fellow travellers thought me a bit odd.  Especially when the impulse moved toward the more functional versions of these openings/passages.  In fact, it felt odd to me as well, but I couldn't help the impulse.  Something in me was craving these images.  We were there to see the beauty of the ancient cities, but these repeating series of storefronts and their metal doors, this 'everyday' Morocco, sticks with me, despite my inability to capture them on film.


As I understand it, in the simplest terms, a kind of in-between.  

Moving through a transition or ritual.  No longer who you were, but not yet who you will become.

...from the Latin, limen, meaning 'threshold'

Photos: King Hussein Mosque/Casablanca, Kasbah ruins/Rabat, Granary/Meknes, Tomb of Moulay Ismail/Meknes, Kasbah/Chefchaouen, private home/Chefchaouen medina, Berber village/Midelt, Ait BenHaddou (2), private home/Essaouira medina

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