Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Morocco: Crowds

Photos: inside King Hussein Mosque/Casablanca, traffic, Chefchaouen (5), roadside market, Fez medina (2), pottery cooperative/Fez (3), inside Fez medina (2), dye pits of Fez, rootops of Fez, inside Fez medina (2), date palm, carpet collective/Todra Gorge, fish market/Essaouira (4), local market square/Marrakesh medina (2), early morning/Marrakesh medina

Friday, 10 August 2012

Morocco: Green-ish

Photos: King Hussein Mosque/Casablanca, dinner in Rabat medina, Kasbah/Rabat, Stables/Meknes, Tomb of Moulay Ismail/Meknes, Kasbah/Chefchaouen, pottery collective/Fez, river valley, desert dinnerware, roadside market (2), sick in Ait BenHaddou, dry river bed/Ait BenHaddou, Djamaa El Fna/Marrakesh, balcony/Marrakesh Museum, morning sickness (false alarm) in Marrakesh Museum, rainy riad, rainy riad diversions, riad plunge pool, former fountain/Marrakesh medina, landscaping/Marrakesh airport